Contests & Contest Winners

I love to give back to my #fam!  That being said, I really wanted a place where people can go and see all the winners and their happy faces!  I will update this as I give out more to each of you!  For now check out these winners of my Vinyl Captain Price and Brutus Pop Games with my Sexy BBJK26 magnet as well as my Gift Card Giveaways!!






My First Ever Donation/Giveaway – Xbox Extenders – Themuff1nm4n789




Twiist_RG and his $25 Gift Card Giveaway when we hit 500 Followers!



Lynx and his Magnet Redemption with just FAM Points!



JohnTheQuboSG with his win of the second $25 Giftcard for the 500 Followers!



RagerQueen – Even though didn’t win, Kiingsammich was nice enough to offer his to her!



Che_dawg and his BBJK26 Magnets ON HIS COMPUTER! LIKE I SAID RUNS 6X FASTER NOW (not responsible for these results).


Yoadriennexd and her Brutus Winner with my Sexy Magnet!



Luis and the First Sexy Magnet Fam Point Redemption! I gave him 3 😉

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