November 25


It has been about a week since I had to miss a stream so I haven’t been posting any blogs.  Today is Friday and unfortunatly the wife has come down with mastitis which I didn’t know about until we had our first child.  It is pretty much causing her to feel very cold and causes her body to shake.  We had to turn up the heat and add more layers to get her body temperatur back up, even though she was feeling warm to the touch.

Ok, back to the gaming.  I’ve been playing a lot of BO3 again with the 1v1 Wednesdays and just team deathmatch in general.  I’ve been finding that a lot of you still have BO3 opposed to Infinite Warfare so I’ve been enjoying being near the top of the viewers board on Twitch.  With IW, we just get saturated with all the other streamers.  That being said with Che_Dog now owning the game, it will be nice to have players that can carry themselves and maybe we can start winning games as I definetly can’t carry a team on my own just yet.

I’m still on the verge of purchasing H1Z1 but I just haven’t done it yet.  I’m not sure what is stopping me as I feel it would be a nice alternative to BO3 now and then.

Right now because I can’t stream tonight, I was able to pump out a Youtube Video between the feeding and the taking care of both wife and son.  It is just about finished rednering and then I will start the process to upload to Youtube.  I’m sure no one really reads this Blog but I feel its nice to mark down what is going on for myself at least.

I’m feeling fairly tired as I didn’t get much sleep.  Usually I do the late night and get to sleep at around 7am til 1/2pm but with the wife sick I was up the full time and had a quick nap between 1pm to 3pm.  Luckily I’ve had a substantial amount of coffee so I feel that is keeping me going.  RIGHT AT THIS POINT I clicked the upload to Youtube as the video has finally completed and I’m in the process of uploading!

I’m not sure what drives me at this point, maybe its the love for you guys or the love of streaming in general, or just the freedom to express myself but I just can’t get enough and I’m going to pursue this no matter what!

Anyways that’s my blog for the week!?  I hope to be back tomorrow if the wife is feeling up to it.  The baby just woke up…. Back I go…



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